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Sacroiliac Joint Fusion

Sacroiliac Joint Fusion

Sacroiliac joint dysfunction is a common cause of low back and gluteal pain. Some patients can have arthritis and inflammation associated with the sacroiliac joint. In some cases, patients that have had a previous lumbar fusion surgery experience increased sacroiliac joint pain. Pregnancy and pelvic changes associated with it can also aggravate the sacroiliac joint. Patients may complain of pain with walking, standing, getting in and out of a car, or sitting in a certain position.

A diagnosis is made by taking a thorough history and performing a physical exam that involves provocative maneuvers such as SI joint distraction, compression, thigh thrust, or gaenslen’s test. SI joint pain can be treated with conservative measures like physical therapy and anti-inflammatory medications. Patients may also find relief from an SI belt. Some patients may require a minimally invasive surgical procedure like an SI joint fusion based on the underlying cause of their pain.

This procedure is performed in an outpatient setting with fast recovery and minimal down time. The procedure is performed by making a small incision in the skin over the SI joint and using a hollow working channel to introduce an allograft into the SI joint that will stabilize the joint and provide immediate relief as well as promote bony fusion to occur over a period of time.  

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