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Headaches that occur after an injury or car accident can be caused by a variety of factors including concussion, whiplash, or trauma to the head and neck. These headaches, also known as post-traumatic headaches, can present as tension-type headaches, migraines, or cervicogenic headaches. They can be characterized by symptoms such as pain, pressure, and tightness in the head, neck, and shoulders. They can also be accompanied by symptoms such as dizziness, nausea, and sensitivity to light and sound.

Headache Treatments

Treatment options for post-traumatic headaches may include physical therapy, medications, nerve blocks, and in some cases, surgery. Additionally, it is important to address any underlying conditions that may be contributing to the headaches, such as post-concussion syndrome or whiplash. A thorough examination by a medical professional is essential for diagnosis and treatment of post-traumatic headaches.

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